Chinese objects


I work with shape and surface within the field of organic forms. My sculptureal objects have references from the culture of commodities and can be viewed as a continuation of my work with ceramic urns. With the sculptural objects, the shapes has become more closed and is only an allusion to the jar shape. In this context, the focus has been on closed shapes and interior spacees, abstracted urns, capsules, cocoons or cores. The objects are formed by hand in clay, are casted in plaster and thereafter made in polyester, which is covered layer by layer in varnish. In some of the objects variations with intarsia of eggshells and metal foil are used in the varnish layers. Here the dermining factor has been to find a completeness in expression between the shape and its surface, a balance, which retains the softness of clay and a tactile sense of texture. I have looked eastward and been inspired by Chinese culture and craftmanship, reseached use of materials and inspected new potentials within my organic form of expression. My search is for the innermost essence of sculptural object, which lies in the meeting between the concrete and the abstract.